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Here at Integrity we know how valuable your time is. We can simplify the payroll process for you. Submit your payroll hours via phone, fax, email and web.Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. takes on the responsibility for timely payments of ALL your payroll taxes to avoid any late payment fees. This allows you the time to concentrate on managing your business. In addition to providing a paycheck to each leased employee, we also process all quarterly tax reports, State Unemployment reports, and W2s. New hire reports that are required by each state are prepared at no additional cost to you, the business owner. We also deduct and process all child support and garnishment checks and forward them on to the appropriate agencies.

You may elect to handle your account through our website access, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, while still having a processor assigned to your account. Integrity Employee Leasing eliminates the headaches of having to process payroll on your own. We help handle the general tasks such as time sheets, problem resolution, distribution, and deductions on each employee.


Fill in and fax your preprinted timesheet to us with your payroll hours to 941-625-0123.

Send your payroll hours via email to your assigned Payroll Specialist.

Not in the office and don’t have access to a computer or fax?

Give us as a call at 941-625-0623. One of our Payroll Specialists will gladly take down your hours for you.

Busy during office hours?

You can have 24-hour online access to key your payroll hours and submit to us at your own convenience using your unique login.


You can enter employees electronically via our website using your unique login. No need for paper enrollments.

Update employee information 24 hours a day using your unique login. You can make address changes, changes to direct deposit accounts, and pay raises at your convenience. No need to send in papers.


We offer multiple options for delivery of your payroll.  Paperless clients get reports emailed directly to your email.

UPS and Fed Ex will deliver to your door Monday through Friday. In and out of the office? We can ship to your local hub for pickup at your convenience.

From as far north as Sarasota to south Ft Myers we have internal couriers to deliver your payroll to you.

You can also come see us at 128 West Charlotte Ave Punta Gorda, FL. 33950 and pick up your payroll Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Integrity Employee Leasing knows any business owner you meet is busy, and we know most of you like it that way! Our goal here is to make sure you don’t feel over-whelmed or become swamped with tedious paperwork. Being busy means that you probably could think of a million other ways to be spending your time, bettering your company, than completing payroll or going through the motions of a worker’s compensation claim. With that being said we have come up with a couple options for you to choose from to help make us as easily accessible to you as we can!


On the go?

Accessibility is a must in the busy life of a business owner today. Get 24-hour access to payroll reports using your personalized login, you can also get any forms you may need, such as enrollments, employee change forms, W-4s, etc.

 Need some information and it is before or after hours?

You also get 24-hour access to employee info. You can look at any of your employees’ information to see pay history, rate of pay, phone number, and emergency contact info.

Applying for a loan or benefits? 

Employees have 24-hour access to their own information. Employees can view their paystubs, print previous years W-2s, see what they are claiming for their taxes.

02Why Integrity Employee Leasing?

Are you getting bogged down by seemingly never ending paperwork? Is managing your payroll a weekly headache that is taking time away from your business? Maybe hiring and retaining top notch employees is a struggle because your company doesn’t currently offer many benefits. Integrity Employee Leasing is here to help!

  • We work with licensed agents to find our clients the best benefits that fit the employee’s needs, from major medical, dental, disability and life insurance to supplemental insurance and prepaid legal insurance.
  • We take on the responsibility of all your businesses PEO employer to employee obligations.
  • We make sure your employees are happy, while you make sure your customers are happy!



Integrity Employee Leasing offers the opportunity for your company to Go Green. We provide you and your employee’s with 100% online access to several aspects of information. This can be accessed through our Integrity Web Access Portal.

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