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Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc., is a full capable and licensed PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in the state of Pennsylvania. We have been an active PEO since early 2010. We try to be a paperless corporation, we are able to provide excellent customer service even with our clientele that is hundreds of miles away. We offer our online options to report your payroll, view your filed paperwork from the past, review employee information, and even find forms you may need.

Even if you have an online account, you will always have an actual processor that you may call any time with a question or request. Integrity does offer direct deposit but we also send your payroll by FedEx, at a flat rate, so you can be confident that you will always have your employees’ checks on time and correct.

Pennsylvania Workers Comp

Workers Compensation insurance is very beneficial for all employers and business owners. It provides money and medical benefits to employees who may have an “on-the-job” injury. Workers compensation insurance is mainly designed to protect employees and their dependents if something were to happen. However, along with employees being covered, workers compensation is designed to help the employer out as well. The employee receives money and medical benefits in exchange for forfeiting the common law right to sue the employer. It gives the employer immunity from court actions against them due to the issue that has arisen.

If an employer does not have workers compensation coverage, they leave themselves open to civil court action against them and fines due from an accident.

Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. not only processes payroll and handle taxes, but we also handle workers compensation coverage. We handle your claims, payments, and any audits. Due to this you are able to receive a higher discount, NO down payments and NO audits. We have a specific department that handles all the workers compensation claims to help alleviate the stress.

In Pennsylvania, workers compensation is required by law. Waivers are not permitted.

Pennsylvania Taxes

Pennsylvania, like most states, has specific tax needs when running a business. There are certain forms, exact due dates, and fees when sending in tax information to the states.

Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. helps with all those issues. You will not realize how much time and energy you are saving yourself until you sign up with Integrity. We file all the appropriate reports to the state and federal government. When processing payroll your employees taxes are taken out at that time and you are invoiced for that payroll not only includes the taxes, but it includes the workers comp. When reviewing finances, Integrity only takes one line item instead of 5.

Below are some general Questions and Answers for taxes in the state of Pennsylvania

*Question and Answers from Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

1. How do I receive an extension of time to file the annual corporate tax returns

A. In Pennsylvania, Form REV-853 or the Annual Extension Request must be filed by the original due date of the annual report. A 180 day extension can only be approved providing the taxpayer has received the corresponding Federal extension. *There is no extension for payment of taxes.

2. What form do I need for corporate tax filing and where do I mail it?

A. Form RCT-101, PA Corporate tax report. It needs to be mailed, along with payment to:

PA Dept of Revenue
Payment Enclosed
P.O. Box 280427
Harrisburg, PA 17128-0427

3. Does a Limited Liability Company (LLC) need to fill out the RCT-101?

A. Limited Liability Companies formed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or formed under the laws of another jurisdiction and doing business in Pennsylvania are required to file RCT-101.