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Georgia Payroll Company FAQ

Integrity Employee leasing, Inc. is an active and functioning Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in Georgia.  We are confident that even without having a physical location in Georgia we are able to give all clients the same customer service as if you were down the road.

Just like Florida, we offer payroll administration, workers compensation, benefits, human resources and risk management to small, medium and large corporations.  We become the “employer of record” for your corporation and handle the reports and taxes that involve payroll.

We still offer website access so distant do not effect receiving paperwork or reviewing your employee records in a timely manner.

Georgia Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance in Georgia is necessary for a business not only to have your employees taken care of if something happens, but it also covers the employer if something happens.  Without coverage you leave yourself, the business owner, open for lawsuits in civil court or file a claim against the business on the state workers’ compensation system.  Along with that you may receive stop-work orders and fines against the business because there is not adequate workers compensation coverage.

Obtaining a workers comp policy is not difficult, however when purchasing a workers comp policy you have down payments, audits and must handle claims on your own.

The benefit of signing with Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. is that WE handle the claims for you.  We send the payments for the workers comp policy.  Not only do you save time, there will be no down payments or end of the year audits to deal with.  The reason why you are able to save money on that is simple.  It is a pay as you go policy.

Below are some general questions about Georgia  Workers Comp

1.How many employees must I have to require workers comp?

A. In the state of Georgia, if the business employs three or more people on a regular basis, workers comp is required. That also includes part-time employees.

My business is incorporated, is myself and officers of the business considered employees?

A. Yes.  All officers and owners of the business are considered employees.

3. Can officers of the corporation waive workers comp coverage?

A. As many as five officers many be excluded from workers comp coverage.  Form WC-10 would need to be completed, signed and sent to the insurance carrier.  This does not affect the number of employees (Question 1)

4.Does this change for a sole proprietorship or partnership?

A.  In the state of Georgia, they consider sole proprietors and partners to be employers not employees in the eyes of the carrier.  If they would like to be covered they may send that request in writing to their carrier.


Georgia Taxes


Georgia, like any other state, has very specific tax needs and forms that are required to be filled out.  Along with that, like most states, if something is incorrect, late or filed wrong you are likely to be hit with a late fee or fines.

Working with Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. alleviates much of the headache.  We process all the employee taxes when processing their paychecks; we also include the tax amount to your payroll invoice each time payroll is run.  Instead of 5 lines when reviewing your finances – Integrity covers one line and that is all payroll, workers com, and related taxes.  It sure makes days much easier.

Below are some general questions about Georgia taxes

*Questions and Answers from Georgia Department of Revenue

1.What is the due date for corporate returns?

A. Corporate income tax returns are due on or before the 15th of the 3rd month following the close of the taxable year.  Form 600 or Form 600S are used for this.

B. Partnership returns are due on or before the 15th of the 4th month following the close of the taxable year.

2.Does the state of Georgia accept a Federal extension?

A.  Georgia does accept a Federal extension – just attach a copy of the Federal extension to the Georgia return when you file.  The Georgia extension form IT-303.

3. What are the chances I will be audited?

A.  Companies are selected at random for audits.  The DOR has 3 years after the filing of a return to audit a taxpayer.  However, with Integrity Employee Leasing you would not need to worry about audits.