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Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. is a full service Professional Employer Organization (PEO), specializing in offering superior customer service to small, medium and large businesses

Integrity Employee Leasing can help you manage and grow your company.

Integrity Employee Leasing is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) serving the needs of small to midsize companies.

PEO’s are outsourcing companies that take on many of the responsibilities of your employees, allowing you more time to manage your business. They serve as an offsite human resources department, providing services that help to thoroughly and strategically enhance the total quality of your business.

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Payroll Administration

At Integrity we know how valuable your time is. We can simplify the payroll process for you. Submit your payroll hours via phone, fax, email and web. Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. takes on the responsibility for timely payments of ALL your payroll taxes to avoid any late payment fees. This allows you the time to concentrate on managing your business. In addition to providing a paycheck to each leased employee, we also process all quarterly tax reports, State Unemployment reports, and W2s. New hire reports that are required by each state are prepared at no additional cost to you, the business owner. We also deduct and process all child support and garnishment checks and forward them on to the appropriate agencies.

You may elect to handle your account through our website access, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, while still having a processor assigned to your account. Integrity Employee Leasing eliminates the headaches of having to process payroll on your own. We help handle the general tasks such as time sheets, problem resolution, distribution, and deductions on each employee.

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Workers Compensation

If your business has employees, you most likely need worker’s compensation insurance. Workers Compensation can be a frustrating and often-times an overlooked aspect of having employees. When obtaining coverage, workers compensation creates additional demands on you as an employer. Ensuring compliance, taking care of claims, and year-end audits and renewals, are all involved.

Integrity simplifies the demands placed on you, as an employer, by providing a simplified pay-as-you-go program without the need for deposits or year-end audits. Additionally, Integrity administers any worker’s compensation claims that you may have, from handling the initial loss report to working as a liaison between you, your employee and the claims adjusters.

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Human Resources Services

Integrity offers our clients the expertise of our Human Resources (HR) department to assist in managing their most important asset – their employees.  Integrity’s team of experts can provide the hands-on assistance and guidance needed to meet your needs in these areas:

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Health Care

Health Insurance is so important and absolutely necessary, but it can sometimes be expensive. Integrity Employee Leasing has put together a team to bring you the best viable option for your health care requirements. We try to fit you with our top carriers that coincide with your family’s needs and budget.

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Employee Benefits

At Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. you will receive benefit administration help with no additional cost to you. We work with licensed agents to find our clients the best benefits that fit the employee’s needs, from major medical, dental, disability and life insurance to supplemental insurance and prepaid legal insurance. We are constantly searching to provide top notch benefits for our clients and employees.

If you are the business owner and are interested in obtaining your own Group Major Medical Policy to offer your employees, we can get you quotes and set it up. Group major medical insurance is a wonderful benefit for you to provide as an employer.

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